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A Moment of Insight: Wayne’s World

What else was going to happen in Crucial Taunt’s music video? I’m sure Benjamin, as the director for some reason, had a lengthy and elaborate shoot planned. I’m seeing more misty shots of the band playing, some redemption for the sleeping snake, a brief arc in which we think a wild animal is chasing the band but it turns out to just be more “rocker” types looking to have a jungle-party, exotic women in bikinis playing with exotic birds, and so many waterfalls. And that’s all in addition to the generous amount of wailing and boob-related footage that they’d already shot. All told, it was probably going to be a pretty expensive undertaking. To hazard a guess, probably $5,000,000? Wayne really screwed things up for Benjamin here*.

*Depending on which of Wayne’s realities you believe we live in.


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