A Moment of Insight: Independence Day


Must go faster…but why?

The end of Independence Day is incredible and triumphant, a testament to mankind’s will, ingenuity, and perseverance, but does anyone else feel intense anxiety at the thought of the massive (literal and metaphorical) cleanup that lies ahead of these characters? Humongous downed spaceships, flaming wreckage streaking across the sky, wide swaths of major cities demolished, charred bodies in the streets and millions without homes. The course of human history has been altered completely. It’ll take decades to rebuild all that was destroyed, generations to mentally process the tragedy. And for the most part, it happened for no reason; the aliens were there to harvest resources or something, which I guess after they were going to get around to after they killed everyone and destroyed all those American landmarks that they knew about, obviously. The characters should take a moment to bask in their victory. But it can’t be long before reality sets in, right? The remainder of every survivor’s life is going to be very difficult. It seems unlikely that stability will be restored until well into adulthood for the President’s daughter and Hiller’s son. They may be left wondering, “Was it worth it?”


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